martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

My uncle and aunt's dining room

So, what's keeping me so busy?

Ok, I have been busy attending some courses and lectures at University to finally get my degree.

Also, speaking about home I am still stripping paint from the bathroom door; it had a lot of layers and it is not a quick or easy job... But the result is worth it (I know because I already did it with some other doors in my house)! I'm stripping off an ivory-yellow coat, several different shades of white coats and a varnish coat, at least. Moreover, the yellow-ivory coat is a glossy enamel... It looks so ugly. I have chosen a coconut-white satin-matte finish enamel, which gives them a much better look. I have to take pictures to show them off, definitely!

Today I am updating with some photos of my uncle and aunt's diningroom:

The vases, flowers and seashell are some gifts I gave her for her Birthday. She used to have an old-fashioned flower arrangement on the table and she wanted to change it, so I thought that would be a good idea.

The painting you "can see" in the pictures was made by me some time ago.

The ceiling lamp was designed by me as well. She wanted to install recessed lighting in the dining room ceiling and she didn't want a hanging lamp over the table, but I advised her to put a simple one. So, having the rest of the color palette, I recommended them the color for the shade, and also the texture and the type of fabric.

The white cabinet is also my design. The grey velvet chairs were chosen by me, too. The table is old, but they didn't want to get rid of it. The color of the cabinet wall was chosen by my aunt in the beginning, before anything else.

Oh, and the big seashell has got inside a purple amethyste and some mother-of-pearl, beige and purple smaller seashells (these were also my gift).

The photos were taken by me, as well =).
What do you think? I hope you like it!

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

New lighting!

I do not remember if I had already told you I was going to install recessed lighting in the entrance of my apartment. Anyway (Finally!) I got it done, and I love how it looks. The room feels much more cozy right now and it creates a modern/contemporary look that I like a lot.

We have also planned to install this kind of lighting in the hallway and in the living room as a help to the decorative ceiling fixtures in both rooms.

The recessed light type is Kardan, so they may be turned 360º and positioned to anywhere.

So, what do you think about recessed lighting fixtures? Do you like them/have them?

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My blog seemed to be quite abandoned, right? Well, believe it or not, actually it isn't. It's just I'm always too busy to write something on it. When I have the time to post (usually at night), I prefer to relax visiting other websites than writing a post that no one is going to read... Anyway, I am writing this little post today to wish you a Happy Mother's Day (Or, at least, I hope you have had a nice Mother's Day, hehe). I did: I went out for lunch with my family in one of my favorite restaurants, Habemus, to celebrate Mother's Day and my uncle's Birthday.

Vinoteca Habemus is a nice restaurant decorated with fine pieces like stone, wood, stained glass windows and antiques where you can choose among more than a hundred different wines and eat delicious home made meals.

They also serve one of my favorite desserts called Tarta de la Abuela (Grandmother's cake), which is a typical Spanish Cake made of Tea biscuits and several layers of chocolate. It is one of the simplest and easiest-to-made cakes ever, but one of the best ones for me as well!

Sorry I don't have any more pictures of the place, but it is really beautiful. Love the old fashioned looking wallpapers, the golden moldings, the heavy curtains and the crystal lamps it has, even in the restrooms. Their food is also delicious.

We later gave mothers' and my uncle gifts and went for a walk by the seaside, so I got home late and was not able to work on anything decor-related. Anyway, I do have plans for tomorrow!