lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Sea treasures


Always challenging myself with the time between my new posts… It’s been exactly three months since my last one. And, I promise it is not about the lack of ideas, it is about the lack of time. Always.

Siempre “retándome” con el intervalo de tiempo entre mis posts… Hace exactamente tres meses desde el último que publiqué. Y juro que no tiene nada que ver con la ausencia de ideas; siempre es la falta de tiempo.


As we are getting closer to another Holiday Season, Christmas, I am posting this time some pictures I took last August, when it was still Summer Holiday. This is a way we can still remember Summer when it is getting colder and colder outside, isn’t it? And we can also dream of the next one, even though Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year!

Y ya que nos acercamos a otra época “de vacaciones”, Navidad, publico esta vez unas fotos que saqué en Agosto, cuando aún era verano. Una forma de recordar la época estival cuando hace cada vez más frío fuera, ¿no? Y también de “soñar” con el próximo verano, aunque sea Navidad mi tiempo favorito del año, con diferencia.


As you can see, the photos are what I tend to call “Sea Treasures”, believing they are some of the wonderful things the sea brings us. I usually purchase some of these pieces every summer at local stores for tourists around my area. They are perfect as decor mainly for bathrooms during all year, and also suitable in common areas of the home, such as living, dining or family rooms during summertime: they make the house look like a coastal or vacation home, even when it is a city home. One of the many ways we have to bring Nature home.

Como veréis, las fotos son de lo que suelo llamar “tesoros del mar”, con la creencia de que son algunas de las cosas maravillosas que nos brinda el mar. Normalmente, compro varias piezas de este estilo cada verano en tiendas locales para turistas donde vivo. Son perfectas para decorar principalmente el baño durante todo el año, y también encajan perfectamente en zonas comunes como salones, comedores o salas de estar en verano: le dan a la casa un aire costero o de casa de vacaciones aún siendo un piso urbano. Una de las muchas formas que tenemos de hacer entrar a la Naturaleza en casa.


I put them together with this orchid we have in our dining area for the pictures to create some kind of still life or vignette and show them all at once; but this is not their current location at home, as this is not the current condition of the orchid, as it is (I think) dead by the time I am writing this. Yeah, I am a famous orchids serial killer, sorry about that.

Para las fotos, junté estos “tesoros” con la orquídea que tenemos en el comedor, para crear una especie de bodegón o “viñeta” y poder enseñarlo todo al mismo tiempo; pero no es donde se encuentran actualmente, así como éste no es el estado actual de la orquídea, que ya (creo) ha muerto cuando escribo esto. Sí, soy un famoso asesino en serie de orquídeas, y pido perdón por ello.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy de pictures! Thanks for visiting!

Espero que os gusten las fotos de todos modos, ¡y muchas gracias por leerme y visitarme!



















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domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Homemade pastries

My mum made these delicious "rosquillas de limón" (lemon pastries) today. They are so yummy! They are incredibly tasty and lemon flavored... Perfect with some tea or coffee in the afternoon. I just thought I had to share! =P

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martes, 24 de enero de 2012

On January 6th

In Spain, we celebrate in addition to Christmas, The Epiphany, or the Day after the Twelfth Night, on January 6th; anyway, we remember the day when the Three Wise Men or The Three Kings (Magi) visited Baby Jesus to bring their presents.

So, a lot of people is increasingly celebrating Christmas, but the Old Catholic Tradition in Spain says we celebrate Epiphany. Usually, what most people would and usually do was celebrating the main day for gifts giving the Twelfth Day of Christmas and another day for 'smaller', 'little' presents on Christmas 25th, as the Pagan Tradition says.

I am explaining this because these photos were taken on January 6th, the morning when we are suposed to open the presents after the Night when 'Magi' travel the World to give out their gifts. Hope you enjoy them!

The main gifts we received at home were the table and the chairs you see on the photos. Also, the small pink and white stool on the right of the pictures. Do you like them?


What do you think about the wreaths on the balcony windows? A tradition on front doors in houses taken to and apartment balcony. We also decorated the balcony railing with fir and red garlands and I really loved the Christmas feel they give.

These are some details of the presents all over the Living room floor.

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domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Belated Christmas pictures

Hi there!
I guess it is a little bit late to post Christmas pictures... But Hey, Christmas is great, isn't it? So, why does not it last forever?

As you can see, our Christmas tree was dressed in gold, silver and white. Elegant and timeless colors that I usually love in Christmas.
For the tree, I like just simple warm white lights to add some sparkle, and let the ornaments set the colors of the whole tree.
The decorations we chose were: warm white lights; golden Christmas balls, in different shapes, finishes and models; different golden ornaments, such as presents, a drum and golden sacks; Christmas balls made of pearls; crystal balls with golden leaves on them; crystals; pearls garlands; and a golden ribbon.

As I have more pictures from Christmas, I have decided to make separate posts to share them, in order not to bore you with tons of images. I hope you enjoy them!