miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Celebrating my Birthday!

Hi all!

A few days ago, I celebrated my Birthday, whose original date is August 11th. It was supposed to be scheduled for August 20th, but the hot weather made us wanted to go to the beach instead. But, as we had already reserved a table in the restaurant where we were going for lunch, and we had ordered a Birthday cake for the occasion, we had to pick it up and decided we would invite my family to come over my home to share the cake on August 21st. My "official" Birthday lunch was postponed for next weekend.

So, the first picture is the cake we ordered. It was just delicious! It was made up of cinnamon flavored sponge cake, filled with a whipped cream and fruits: kiwifruit, peach and pinneaple. That all was covered with a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar, cinnamon and sugar again. Yummy!

Anyway, I received my presents that Sunday, and I thought I would share them with you! =)

So, the gifts I received from my family were: the book Modern Baroque Interiors and this month's issue of the American Edition of Architectural Digest.

Some money and the wooden NYC box you see in the pictures. Of course, several Birthday cards came with the money, hehe.

This nice tee from Pull & Bear. I had seen it in store for this new season and I loved it!

This Manhattan box; A nightstand set of a pitcher and a glass (I usually drink a lot of water when I am in my bedroom at night); and, the awesome leather belt in green and purple from Massimo Dutti.

Hope you like them! Thanks for visiting!

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