domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Homemade pastries

My mum made these delicious "rosquillas de limón" (lemon pastries) today. They are so yummy! They are incredibly tasty and lemon flavored... Perfect with some tea or coffee in the afternoon. I just thought I had to share! =P

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martes, 24 de enero de 2012

On January 6th

In Spain, we celebrate in addition to Christmas, The Epiphany, or the Day after the Twelfth Night, on January 6th; anyway, we remember the day when the Three Wise Men or The Three Kings (Magi) visited Baby Jesus to bring their presents.

So, a lot of people is increasingly celebrating Christmas, but the Old Catholic Tradition in Spain says we celebrate Epiphany. Usually, what most people would and usually do was celebrating the main day for gifts giving the Twelfth Day of Christmas and another day for 'smaller', 'little' presents on Christmas 25th, as the Pagan Tradition says.

I am explaining this because these photos were taken on January 6th, the morning when we are suposed to open the presents after the Night when 'Magi' travel the World to give out their gifts. Hope you enjoy them!

The main gifts we received at home were the table and the chairs you see on the photos. Also, the small pink and white stool on the right of the pictures. Do you like them?


What do you think about the wreaths on the balcony windows? A tradition on front doors in houses taken to and apartment balcony. We also decorated the balcony railing with fir and red garlands and I really loved the Christmas feel they give.

These are some details of the presents all over the Living room floor.

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domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Belated Christmas pictures

Hi there!
I guess it is a little bit late to post Christmas pictures... But Hey, Christmas is great, isn't it? So, why does not it last forever?

As you can see, our Christmas tree was dressed in gold, silver and white. Elegant and timeless colors that I usually love in Christmas.
For the tree, I like just simple warm white lights to add some sparkle, and let the ornaments set the colors of the whole tree.
The decorations we chose were: warm white lights; golden Christmas balls, in different shapes, finishes and models; different golden ornaments, such as presents, a drum and golden sacks; Christmas balls made of pearls; crystal balls with golden leaves on them; crystals; pearls garlands; and a golden ribbon.

As I have more pictures from Christmas, I have decided to make separate posts to share them, in order not to bore you with tons of images. I hope you enjoy them!

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

A bright classic flat

This apartment also featured in El Mueble is a perfect inspiration for me. It is one of those reportages that just make me happy because of the beautiful pictures. In fact, this house has got everything I like: soft, neutral colors; a mix of classic/traditional and modern pieces; timeless spaces... These rooms remind of the "manorial" atmosphere of the bourgeois homes of past ages.

I love the gold leaf mirrors that add elegance and golden reflections to these rooms. They look perfect over a neutral wall color, as they look classic and it does not look old-fashioned at all.

The crystal chandelier in the dining room is also a favorite, as well as the regence style chairs and table in natural wood. Again, classic and chic yet not boring or old-world-looking.

Pictures via El Mueble Magazine

I hope you liked the pictures!

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miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

A beautiful garden

Hi there! I am posting the pictures of this garden that I just found so inspiring. It was featured in one of the latest issues of El Mueble magazine and I really liked. As most of you do not have this magazine where you live, I thought about sharing. What do you think? I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!

In the pictures above and below you can see Jesús Ibáñez, the Landscape Designer who took this project.

I love how every corner of this garden feels so cozy and peaceful, calming, relaxed, serene... Is any other adjective necessary to describe it?

The designs of Jesús Ibáñez are always simple and organized, and he tries to handle different shades of green.

Every single member in the owner's family of this house has a favorite corner in this garden: for reading, chatting or resting.

When the family plan a party for the night, the magic of the lights and candles takes over all the garden: paths of candles lead the way; hundreds of lanterns and lamps that light every corner with a faint glow...

... The space transforms: the shapes of the trees dissappear and lights and shadows appear. Colors cede the spotlight to fragrances and golden reflections, and the night breeze and sounds offer an unbelievable experience.

Pictures from El Mueble

Don't you just feel better after looking at these pictures? I do!

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