jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011


Hi all!

I have decided I am going to post something here on the blog more often. At least, I am going to try.

So, my current project is the one you can see here... So much fun, huh? I am stripping my bedroom door! Quite tedious stuff, but it is always worth it when you see the final result after painting the door: a perfect finish white door.

Hopefully, I will have finished stripping it tomorrow and I will put it back in its place to start stripping the living room door. I say 'hopefully' because I am going to do the monthly grocery shopping tomorrow morning; also, some window shopping at the mall will keep me busy until the afternoon, and that is when I will have the time to work.

Please, just ignore the ugly floor you can see on the second pic... It is actually the floor in the spare/storage room we keep to take these projects, hehe.

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011


This post at The Zhush reminded me about something I had to share:

The happiness I felt when I received my first issue ever of American Elle Decor Magazine, which I subscribed several months ago. Yay!

But, that same day I also received a fabulous book I had purchased at Amazon.com: Empire Splendor. Double yay! Double Happiness!

Well, about the first one... I must say I did not like the issue very much; it is not a surprise at all, since I don't usually like summer issues of interior design magazines. Anyway, Elle Decor is a great magazine and I am sure the October issue (Which is already out, I think) is definitely going to be better.

Talking about the book... It is amazing: I love the covers (even the interior ones are really beautiful), the pictures, the text... Everything is gorgeous. It shows the decor of French Palaces, manors, gardens, etc. during the era of the French Empire. A great journey through furniture, rooms, textiles and lighting in the Age of Napoleon. If you like Neoclassical interiors, I totally recommend it.

And something else... Hopefully, Spanish Interior Design magazines will be released by the end of this week... Cannot wait for them! El Mueble, Nuevo Estilo, AD... Which surprises will they bring this month?

lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

The half bathroom

Time for the pictures of my powder room!
As everything else in my house, it is not finished yet; it can be shown, though, hehe.

It is not something amazing, I know, but it will be better. Several things to do here:

Buying a nice wall sconce to hang over the mirror. Also, get recessed lighting installed in the ceiling (There is just a common lightbulb there right now...)

Get new towels in neutral/grey colors.
Get a new soap dish.

Get some paintings for the wall that's opposite the mirror (I am currently working on this...)

And, get some piece to "fill" the space next to the sink. Maybe a small table with drawers for storage; or perhaps a nice stool... I am not sure yet.


Would you also go for a new blind, shade, curtains...?

Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting!