lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

A bright classic flat

This apartment also featured in El Mueble is a perfect inspiration for me. It is one of those reportages that just make me happy because of the beautiful pictures. In fact, this house has got everything I like: soft, neutral colors; a mix of classic/traditional and modern pieces; timeless spaces... These rooms remind of the "manorial" atmosphere of the bourgeois homes of past ages.

I love the gold leaf mirrors that add elegance and golden reflections to these rooms. They look perfect over a neutral wall color, as they look classic and it does not look old-fashioned at all.

The crystal chandelier in the dining room is also a favorite, as well as the regence style chairs and table in natural wood. Again, classic and chic yet not boring or old-world-looking.

Pictures via El Mueble Magazine

I hope you liked the pictures!

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  1. Love this decoration! so cleen!

  2. I like this design
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