domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Belated Christmas pictures

Hi there!
I guess it is a little bit late to post Christmas pictures... But Hey, Christmas is great, isn't it? So, why does not it last forever?

As you can see, our Christmas tree was dressed in gold, silver and white. Elegant and timeless colors that I usually love in Christmas.
For the tree, I like just simple warm white lights to add some sparkle, and let the ornaments set the colors of the whole tree.
The decorations we chose were: warm white lights; golden Christmas balls, in different shapes, finishes and models; different golden ornaments, such as presents, a drum and golden sacks; Christmas balls made of pearls; crystal balls with golden leaves on them; crystals; pearls garlands; and a golden ribbon.

As I have more pictures from Christmas, I have decided to make separate posts to share them, in order not to bore you with tons of images. I hope you enjoy them!

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