jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

What am I doing?

Hi all!

As usually, later than I expected... Well, I think I should explain several things up from my previous post, right?

About my bedroom: I guess it does not need a lot of words to explain... Just that I should probably say "My bed" instead of "My bedroom", since I am only showing my bed. The rest of the room is not good enough to share yet... Hehe. You will see it as soon as I can.

The hallway: the most important thing here is, no doubt, the chandelier. It is really beautiful, isn't it? Anyway, I love every kind of crystal lamps: classic ones, modern ones... I bought this one originally for my foyer. Unfortunately, it is too high and it would crash with the entrance door, so it is finally hanging in the hallway.
What you see on the right is a shoe cabinet that is provisionally there; also, the doors are going to be painted white, and do not even look at the floor, I know it is too ugly: it is going to be fixed/replaced some time.
I am going to hang some art in the walls of the hallway, too.

Today, I finished priming one of the living room walls; next step, tomorrow I am going to paint it! The color I am using is the same I used for the hallway walls, from the NCS color system: 1002-Y50R. This is how it looks in my screen:

After finishing painting the living room, I have to continue with other unfinished projects at home. Yay!

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