domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Future Entry

Ok, I have been almost one week trying to post this before falling asleep on the computer, but, apparently, have not been able to get it. I hope I will do it today, lol.

I said I would tell you how I would like to redecorate my entrance hall, right? So, here it is:

First of all, I think my hallway needs to look bigger, so I thought of removing the painting and the sideboard and put a big mirror instead.

That is the photo that inspired me for what I said. The next thing is the stool; I would like it to be a little different than in the picture above.

Yes, something like those ones... Don't know the color yet, though. I love the tufted one, it looks elegant and comfortable.

Finally, a beautiful crystal lamp would be perfect, although it should be a floor one (There is not enough space in the ceiling, because of the entry door). The main option is...

... This one, on its floor version. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Sunday tomorrow, Yay! =D I have so many things to do at home and I am looking forward to doing them!

Picture credits: DecorpadMaisons du MondeNuevo EstiloSCV

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