viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Can a loft not look like a loft?

It seems so! At least, that is what I can get after seeing this house in Elle Decor's October issue.

Personally, when I think of 'loft', the first things that come to my mind are cool colors (Black, white, grey); industrial look; big, minimalist spaces; brick, concrete or stone walls; big windows with no curtains; in sight tubes or pipes, etc. But, that was before seeing this one, located in New York City.

This apartment was designed by decorator Nina Seirafi and architect Timothy Archambault for Walter Schupfer and Gina Goldman, owners to a New York Photo Agency. The couple needed a bigger house when their family grew up, and they found this flat in downtown Manhattan when it still was a loft with white walls and dark floors. The space was big enough for their requirements, as it is 6,000 square feet; so, they just planned to give it a warmer and more family look.

And this is what they finally got. A cozy home that uses classic townhouse elements such as molding panelled walls and wood floors, mixed with modern loft elements, like the colors in walls and floors to make it suitable for a couple with four children.

Photos by Pieter Estersohn for Elle Decor
What do you think about the change? Do you like it? Do you find it inspiring?

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  1. lovely decoration photos!!love them!!

  2. I like so much this blog.
    Funny and new thigs i find when come here.