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Carolina Herrera

As I was reviewing some of my magazines to decide the ones I am keeping and the ones I will not, I found a Spanish Vanity Fair issue that features an interview with Fashion Designer Carolina Herrera in her New York Townhouse. The reportage does not include many pictures, but the ones it has are, indeed, really beautiful. So, I thought about sharing some of them and some of her words with you.

As one of my favorite Fashion Designers, Carolina Herrera is for me a synonimous of Chic, elegance and timelessness. I am not talking just about her designs, for both men and women, but I am talking also about the designer and her personality itself. Discretion is also another attribute why Carolina Herrera is known for. Discrete for fashion, as well as discrete for her real life. In fact, she says "I cannot comment on anything about people who come to my house".

During the photoshoot and the interview, she comments about the style of Michelle Obama as an icon of fashion: "It is crazy the comparison between Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy just because the current First Lady was wearing a simple black dress and pearls in a picture". Talking about fashion, other comment that the prestigious designer makes is: "The only thing that a man cannot be forgiven for is wearing a shirt open showing his chest. It does not matter that a man's chest is the last thing that looks older: everyone should know how to age with dignity. What's a young-looking chest under a wrinkled neck?"

Below, I collected several more great quotes from the interview that I found interesting in the interview.

"No one brings food or clothes in this house. Everything is prepared here. We welcome people as people". In fact, in her own butler's words, "This is a famous cuisine in Manhattan's Top Dinners".
"Using borrowed jewelry for the photoshoot? We use our own things in this house!"

"It is rude talking or asking about money".
When she was asked about her secret to be one of the Great Ladies in the Big Apple's High Society, she answered: "Just one: learn to blend different kinds of people".

Pictures by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair

"There is not much fashion in the streets of New York City. Everyone will be wearing the same, the 'uniform' suppossed to be dressed this Season. The authentic fashion is in the streets of Paris, Madrid... True Fashion is in Europe".

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  1. great post, these pictures are stunning and she is an inspirational person! :)

    B xx

  2. love it!!!

  3. Fabulous apartment! The kitchen and bedroom are divine! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx