domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

New storage bed and mattress

Well, actually this is not so "new", because I got them some months ago. Anyway, this post was waiting to be published (and written) since then, so, I am posting about it now. It is not something very important, but it is indeed a change or improvement at home.

So, this is my "new" bed. The mattress is so confortable and thick, as it is firm and adaptable. In addition, it has got a nice design with some skyscrapers and buildings on it.

But, the most important point in the new bed is the storage: it features a swing cover that hides a big, easy accessible storage area perfect to hold boxes, other season's clothing, bedding and bed linen... Everything that is not beautiful for the eye.

Very useful and helpful, of course!

In case you like the idea, there is a very similar foundation at IKEA.

I am currently finishing the door painting at home, and it is a nice work especially when you get to see the results; it is, however, a quite repetitive work that takes a long time to complete, so I am pretty busy these days. I will try to keep posting just like I am doing, though. Hopefully, with more interesting posts, hehe.

Thanks for visiting!

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