domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

My mom's Birthday

Hi all!

Well... Looks like I have not fulfilled my promise of posting more often...! I am usually very busy with lots of different things. Sometimes, I also just fall asleep in front of my pc! I have been suffering this for several days! lol.

Today, my family and I celebrated my mom's Birthday. Actually, I was planning to post about this yesterday, but I finally was not able to do it. I took these pictures yesterday: they show the presents I bought for my mom and the packaging I chose for them.

Fur vest.

A gold paillette tee / sweater. For this one, I was inspired by a golden jacket that stylish Miranda Priestly wore in The Devil wears Prada.

And, also a set of smoky eyes eyeshadow and a Cacharel perfume, that I could not take pictures of because I had already packed them, hehe.

I also purchased some matching bags to put the gifts in. They have the same the same design in different colors, gold and silver.

To celebrate the Party, we went for lunch to this delicious italian restaurant called Chicote, where we had delicious dishes such as "Bruschetta Caprese" (made with toasted bread, aubergine, tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive oil), also called "Crostini"; homemade style pasta and pizza; and so, so good desserts: different cakes and tiramisu. Yummy!

By the way, I made some changes to the design of the blog, since I was tired of the previous head banner and some other elements. Hopefully, I will keep making some changes during the next days to make the blog easier to explore and simple yet elegant. Do you like the small changes I did?

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